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The leading innovation consultancy corporate in Latin America.

We promote class organizations worldwide on its innovation journey.

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What we have achieved

About us

We are the innovation consultancy that helps organizations generate their competitive advantages for the next 10 years, while creating a positive impact on the planet.

We seek to encourage them to innovate in the way of doing business, both internally and externally, with useful, world-class and zero bullshit solutions.

We have seen what works and what doesn't, so we are convinced to offer a new perspective to your organization's challenges. We want to save you time and money by proposing the best solutions (if they exist).

What our clients say

Logo AstraZeneca

"I am grateful that in such a short time, the Brixton Ventures Lab team has been able to grasp the innovation framework and methodology that we have at AstraZeneca, translating something so complex into applicable tools for the training of our Digital, Innovation & IT in Latin America."

Pedro Valdés, Director of Digital, Innovation & IT LATAM - AstraZeneca

Logo DAI

"Fintual would not have been able to build its team in the Mexican market the way it did without Brixton Ventures Lab. The first people are key in any organization and in our case, they knew them. You will quickly and well have a optimal vision of the main challenges in a country this big. If you go to Mexico, you have to talk to them."

Pedro Pineda, CEO

Logo sparkassenstiftung alemana

"Designing the first pilot program between fintechs and agribusiness was a complex challenge due to the multitude of elements to coordinate. Working with Brixton simplified the process, providing clarity on what we needed to build and how to effectively achieve our goals. If your organization faces innovation challenges and needs guidance to initiate and develop solutions with tangible results, Brixton Ventures Lab is the ideal choice."

Christina Olsen,  Director - Innovatech

Logo Embajada de Canadá

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Josh Phillips

Our clients

Logo Astra Zeneca
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Logo ProChile
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Logo sparkassenstiftung alemana
Logo Canadian Technology accelerator
Logo DAI
Logo Embajada Británica en México
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Logo Usil Ventures
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Our partners

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Eduardo Morelos

Eduardo Morelos

Partner & co-founder

  • LinkedIn
Karla Chávez

Karla Chávez

Partner & co-founder

  • LinkedIn

Karla Tronco

Senior Marketing &​ Communications Manager

  • LinkedIn

Jimena Jiménez 

Innovation Consultant

  • LinkedIn
Sergio Ayala

Sergio Ayala

Lead Graphic Designer

  • LinkedIn
Lionel Camalich

Lionel Camalich

Venture Intern

  • LinkedIn
Jorge Martínez

Jorge Martínez

Innovation Intern

  • LinkedIn
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