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When we trained the LATAM innovation teams of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world

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The challenge

AstraZeneca helps patients by offering innovative and scientific solutions around the world. The company seeks to transform the future of healthcare by focusing on the power of what science can do for people, society and the planet.

As one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, its area of innovation in Latin America needed to develop a common understanding of itsframeworkof innovation, aligning people to the vision of the company and defining concrete actions that could be implemented to develop their innovation cycles.

The solution

After identifying your needs, yourframeworkand innovation methodology, we help the AstraZeneca team to align the different hubs in Latin America to achieve their business objectives, under two fundamental premises:


  1. An innovation strategy is a commitment to a common innovation mission and a set of structured activities to support the growth of the organization.

  2. The concept of innovation is the convergence of actors from the startup ecosystem to improve processes through early access to new technologies and disruptive processes.

The result

We carried out a workshop in which more than 20 innovation leaders from AstraZeneca participated in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia. What we achieved was to translate hisframeworkin tools and a concrete portfolio of innovation activities with the objective that the regional teams could execute the strategy with practical tools in the same way in the different regions of Latin America.


"I am grateful that in such a short time, the Brixton Ventures Lab team knew that they had grasped the innovation framework and methodology that we have at AstraZeneca, translating something so complex into applied tools for the training of our Digital, Innovation & IT leaders in Latin America".

Pedro Valdés, Director of Digital, Innovation & IT LATAM - AstraZeneca





Participating LATAM regions


Trained innovation leaders

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